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Civic Saturday, with Caroline Sayre

Our Fremont neighbor, Caroline Sayre, presents Civic Saturday, a non-partisan community gathering in celebration of shared civic purpose. Started in 2016 by Citizen University in Seattle, Civic Saturday is a civic analogue to church, a gathering of friends and strangers in a common place to explore a deeper sense of community and shared civic identity. Caroline discusses “Fremont, After the Vote, Practicing Hope.” Fremont and much of District 6 is in a state of fast-paced change and challenge. We’re also in a unique state of politics, both locally and nationally. This calls for a new kind of civic partnership with our soon-to-be elected council member. What might a revitalized relationship look like that reflects our common values for the betterment of our community? Caroline will be joined by two poets and one musician, along with small group conversation and refreshments to round out the gathering.