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NARAL Book Discussion: May Cause Love

Join us for a discussion, organized by NARAL Pro-Choice Washington and led by field organizer Natalia Koss Vallejo, of a new memoir that transcends the polarized politics of abortion and focuses on one woman's search for her truth

May Cause Love is a story of spiritual and emotional transformation through the experience of abortion. At nineteen, author Kassi Underwood unexpectedly became pregnant. Broke, struggling with addiction and living a thousand miles away from home, she opted to end the pregnancy. In the years that followed, she experienced conflicted emotions on both ends of the spectrum, from freedom and relief to loss and sadness. 

Kassi embarked on an epic cross-country journey, taking part in various healing rituals—from a Buddhist “water baby” ritual to a visit to a “Midwife for the Soul.” Through this memoir, she shares with us her search for cultural rituals and philosophies that address a procedure that is nearly always stigmatized and kept secret.